Sadie's Memorial Bench

We have often been asked if we had thought of having something placed in Knaresborough to commemorate our daughter. She made such an impact and touched so many people's lives that we decided to keep her legacy alive.

We are working together with our local Council and the Friends of Bebra Gardens in Knaresborough to have a beautiful hand carved bench placed overlooking the children's paddling pool. The area in which the bench will be placed will also be landscaped and include Sadie's favourite coloured flowers.

This is still a work in progress and we are still coming up with the perfect design.

You can donate by visiting any HSBC Branch and quoting the following:

SORT CODE: 40-26-20


Cheques should be made payable to:

Sadie Rose Memorial Fund

This Memorial comes at a price, and we are fundraising to hopefully reach our target of £4000.

Suggestions on how we can raise these funds or if you have any ideas and would like to organise an event then please get in touch.

Alternatively please click on the link below to donate to the 
Sadie Rose Memorial Bench Fund:

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